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DIAD Microscopy
DIAD Microscopy TM


Advanced Darkfield Live Blood Analysis
You probably know that Live Blood Cell Analysis is a remarkable tool for quickly and accurately assessing the general level of a person's health. Now, Natural Philosophy presents DIAD Microscopy, an advanced form of Live Blood Analysis that can help you explore the most complex chronic health challenges.
DIAD Precision Darkfield Microscopy allows the trained practitioner to move beyond general observations into a world of extraordinary detail, revealing latent and otherwise invisible metabolic and immunological stress factors.
Peter Gosch, internationally renowned health researcher and co-author of Hidden Killers, enthusiastically describes DIAD Microscopy as a "3-Dimensional view of the human immune system." With DIAD Microscopy, you can: ~ Observe the current features of both gross and subtle blood elements Reveal and differentiate among multiple bacterial and fungal life cycles Map and predict the progression of active and latent pathogens Predict body systems and physiological pathways likely to be affected Characterize levels of cardiovascular, immunological, and oxidative stress Design effective biological strategies to restore the body's inner terrain Actively engage your patients/clients with compelling visual feedback Objectively monitor the impact of all therapeutic choices
DIAD Microscopy is a central component of EcoBioticsTM, a comprehensive system for balancing the body's inner ecosystem. Our professional training seminars develop and extensive framework, putting our advanced biological methods into both a theoretical and a clinical context, integrating Biological Terrain, Enderlein Pleomorphic Biology & Isopathic Therapy, Metabolic Profiling, and Cellular Detoxification. Small classes ensure ample hands-on time and personal attention.
For EcoBiotics and DIAD Microscopy seminar dates and locations, please call. These courses can be presented at your location with a minimum of six participants. Seminars are also available in advanced manual therapies including craniosacral, lyrnphatic & visceral rnobilization as well as personal consultations patient/ client awareness events, healing retreats, and corporate wellness programs. For more information, please contact
The Science of Alternative Healing
Thank you for your interest in the EcoBiotics Seminars from Natural Philosophy.
EcoBiotics TM is a rational, scientific approach to the biology of human health. By focusing on how the body is designed to create and support our health and vitality , EcoBiotics seamlessly integrates many diverse aspects of the natural healing arts.
In our series of three 5-day seminars, we work intensely with the "Five Pillars of EcoBiotics," namely, Biological Terrain, Metabolic Systems, EcoToxicology, Pleomorphic Pathogenesis, and Energy/Structure Congruence. Too often, many styles of natural healing are presented as a patchwork of techniques that sometimes work, and sometimes don't. Our goal is to help you gain a deep understanding of the ecology within the living body, and give you clear, consistent, clinical methods for guiding it back into balance.
A core element of the EcoBiotics Seminars is DIAD MicroscopyTM, an advanced form of live blood analysis. Unlike conventional darkfield microscopy, DIAD allows the trained practitioner to identify specific biological factors involved in chronic illness, and structure precise and effective therapeutic strategies. And unlike conventional microbiology and immunology, DIAD provides information about the deep ecological relationships within the body, even when the required information exists only in a latent, sub-cellular form.
DIAD Microscopy is based upon a modem reinterpretation of the pioneering research of Dr. Gunther Enderlein ( 1872-1968) -integrating his monumental work in Pleomorphic Microbiology with a contemporary understanding of molecular, cellular, and genetic biology. This fusion of old and new science gives the innovative practitioner a remarkable arsenal of powerful biological therapies that can be used to support the entire spectrum of health challenges, from allergies to cancer.
Each of our 5-day seminars is designed to provide both a solid theoretical understanding, and ample hands-on time in small groups, actually doing the work. Practicum exercises performed at your own pace complete the process, and result in certification in DIAD Microscopy, Clinical EcoBiotics, and Advanced EcoBiotic Science from Natural Philosophy in association with GrayBack University of Ashland, OR.
The cost for each 5-day seminar is $1500, with discounts for multiple registrations from the same practice. Seminars can be produced at your location with 12 or more confirmed participants. Natural Philosophy is also offering a high-quality DIAD Compatible Microscopy system at a remarkable price, with integrated digital image capture, display, color printing and CD-ROM storage, DIAD visual database, professional practice support tools, complete accessories, and educational discount. Please call or write for our brochure about the EcoScope Ultra. More Eco Biotics
Don't hesitate to call with any questions you may have.
STUART GRACE Principal Researcher
Natural Philosophy Research Group

DR. Tammy K. Brazil
Box 194
8209A Foothill Blvd
Sunland, CA.91040


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produced for your education and information, with his permission.
"Professionals of all fields of health- this is what education should be...
Stuart Grace is a wonderful & TOTALLY inspiring teacher,educator and researcher. I highly recommend his seminars for anyone interested Microscopy, Biological Medicine, Alternative Medicine, the Science of Alternative Healing,Healing Arts, etc.. DR Tammy K. Brazil
"A totally life changing experience! I haven't learned this much since I left medical school! I look forward to further courses with you...Dr. Alan T.,Cardiologist
Hilo, Hawaii
This is one of those rare experiences that redirects your whole life...I dreamed
last night of symbiosis, flow, cooperation.................Dr. Ellen S.,DC
Berkeley, CA
Never before have I experienced such wonderful teaching! You've inspired
and excited me about the future of my own health care profession.
Stephen H.,Certified Nutritionist
Sunnyvale, CA