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Consultation & More Information
Consultation & More Information

Your Consultation
Before going to far I'd like to tell you a story. It's really about your body and how it works for you and only you. But we will use something much simpler...a cake
Now we have here all the ingredients to make a fabulous cake

[by the way it's Black Forest]
The best flour
Farm fresh eggs
Baking powder (the good kind)
Vanilla extract
Baking soda
Unsweetened cocoa powder
Thin orange slices
Gold rum
Semi sweet chocolate pieces
Now we take all the same measured ingredients [exactly the same-from the same bottles -the same bags-same orange]
And we lay them out to 5 different people- in 5 different kitchens
We tell all 5 to make a cake- giving them all basic instructions Now I'm an expert cake maker & I know certain things must be mixed for just a second, the gentle folding of the batter into the pan, not opening the oven, testing for doneness, and proper cooling. Old Joe never made a cake before, but he watched his Mom as he grew up. My daughter has other things on her mind [boys!] so she's in a hurry to say the least. Judy wants to make it come out perfect, but she's working with limited know how. Sam is a perfectionist, and is going to beat that cake to death to make sure it's mixed up.
Not one of these cakes will be the same, it's the exact same ingredients, but how it's put together and how everyone uses what they have, that determines the outcome.
Okay, your body is exactly the same way. All your ingredients [nutrients, blood,] work differently for you, your kitchen works different [organs] your oven [your body] has to have temperature adjustments according to altitude [attitude]
Yes , back to the topic. My consultations are based on you, how your body is working for you & not working for you. What signals [symptoms] is it giving you? Sometimes the very smallest detail is the very biggest insight of them all. Try to think where did this all begin? An accident a few years ago? When my ----- died? Since I moved to my new-------?Sometimes things happen and it snowballs [you know bigger & bigger] And sometimes who knows where it came from, like getting hit with the broad side of a semi truck. That's when you have to give up some trust. When in doubt call for a personal consultation, I'll never recommend a test that isn't needed, I will take your whole person into account, your lifestyle, your belief system, and we can work together to get you well. For those who see no future for themselves. NEVER GIVE UP -OR GIVE IN. There is always a better quality of life, for the time you have,beautiful sunsets come daily, stick around and watch a few.
Dr. Tammy K. Brazil

Most tests have the price of consultations and nutritional recommendations figured into them
But, if you just need consultation[s] and a direction on where to begin to get well, I do that also. One of the best ways I can think of is e-mail me with your specific's. IE: All symptoms, how long, first onset noticed, if you've been diagnosed with -------.[The first thing we'll do is get rid of the name of IT] , your honest age etc. ALSO what you've done till NOW about IT, 100 more questions!
Then we can figure out a plan from there, I may need to speak with you once a week, to get you started-At first there are many questions. You may experience a healing crisis [that's GREAT!] I may only need to speak to you once a month- all this depends, on everything- you, how much healing you need , your compliance to the new plan[ I will make it easy as possible, but not easier- from A.Einstein] and what your current symptoms are. Remember this: it took a long time to be un-well, just didn't wake up sick- ill- yukky.. It will take some time to get well, no magic bullets here, no magic wands. BUT, when you begin to be really well, it sticks,and you will like it much , and it happens over time with a newer you. It really will stay with you.
So that's what the price depends on- how much work WE have to do.We can set it up as a plan ,to make it pay as you go- or lump it, pay it all at once.And I'm more reasonable than you ever imagined.
You may also call, write or visit.
The Detox Doctor Inc.

DR. Tammy K. Brazil
11178 Burbank Blvd
North Hollywood, CA.91601

disclaimer : I make no claims to "cure" by internet , e-mail ,in office,or by phone-

What is Biological Medicine?
Biological Medicine is an approach to healing that works by exploring a variety of deep biological factors within the body. Like other forms of Alternative or Complementary medicine, Biological Medicine excels at dealing with chronic health issues that sometimes resist conventional methods of care. However, unlike most other forms of alternative therapy , Biological Medicine is deeply rooted in the
paradigm of western biological science. We are interested, for example, in how the presence of various toxins affects the continuity of enzyme chains and
metabolic pathways, or how various micro-organisms generate damaging oxidative stress and immune system compromise. Our methods are precise, insightful, and frequently pro\4de key information and therapies to help your patients resolve their most difficult health challenges.

.What Is Naturopathic Medicine Anyway?

It is necessary for the naturopathic doctor to gather as much information as possible about the person so that the naturopath can make recommendations based on the seven fundamental principals of naturopathic medicine.
1] The healing power of nature
2] First do no harm
3] Find the cause
4] Treat the whole person
5] Prevention the Best medicine
6] Wellness
7] Doctor as teacher
These principles translate into the following questions when analyzing a case.
WHAT is the first cause: What is contributing now?
HOW is the body trying to heal itself?
WHAT is the minimum level of intervention needed to facilitate the self healing process?
WHAT are the person's underlying functional weaknesses?
WHAT education does the person need to understand why he/she is ill and how to become healthier?
WHAT was the very first sign of illness , no matter how seemingly small or non related?
HOW does the person's physical illness relate to their psychological and spiritual health?
As a naturopathic doctor, I utilize many different therapeutic agents nutritional, water, natural medicine, massage, creative visualization, isopathics, homeopathic. All backed by scientific research drawn from peer-reviewed journals from many disciplines. I gather as much information as possible about the way the illness has manifested itself. The most crucial element for me is to treat the whole person in the least invasive way. We begin at the cellular level, the very building block of the human body.
I understand and believe healing will occur naturally in the human body, if it is given what it needs..that is proper diet ,pure water, fresh air, sunlight, exercise and rest. This begins at the cellular level. WE need to determine what your specific needs are, how to instill them into your daily lifesyle easily...creating a total well being.
Consultation prices are included in certain tests.
Consultations are done by phone,[or in my home-office] you may e-mail me first and give me important information, and arrange for a time to call.Please, I answer calls personally, have as much information as possible at hand,or a translator if necessary.
If you are un-clear as where to begin in your quest for total health and well being , simply e-mail me at
we can figure out a plan of action, and where to begin.

You of course may also write