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Heavy Metal Toxicity
Heavy Metal Toxicity


Metals that are not safe in the human body, may within the fat cells, bones, brain, hair, glands, central nervous system accumulate & have very negative health effects. Any level of toxic metals is not normal, or good.
The most common are cadmium, lead, nickel, and mercury, aluminum (not considered heavy metal) All may be associated with a metallic taste in the mouth.
The following is a partial list of possible side effects & the possible source.
fatigue, headaches, high blood pressure, irritability, enlargement of the prostate[non cancerous] liver disorders, hair loss, kidney disorders, skin disorders, learning disabilities, increased risk for cancer, painful joints, loss of smell/ appetite. Affects calcium metabolism. Targets heart and blood vessels, brain, liver, appetite and pain center, kidneys.
source: soft water, air pollution, bone meal, paints, welding, seafood, oxide dusts, cigarette smoke, teas, instant coffee & tea, some soft drinks, nickel cadmium batteries, pipe smoke, fungicides, pesticides, contaminated water, some plastics.
fatigue, poor bone growth, learning disabilities, anxiety, high blood pressure, gastrointestinal problems, muscle and joint pain, tremors, depressed immune function, weight loss, anemia, anorexia, convulsions, malaise, pallor, weakness, ringing in the ears, decreased cognitive functioning, alters: cell membrane permeability-enzyme function-blood formation. Targets liver, bone, pancreas, heart, brain, nervous system
source: paints, delivery and manufacture of petroleum products, smoke exposure, eating/ cooking in ceramic glazed dishware, leaded gasoline, living inter-city, canned foods, bone meal supplements, eating contaminated liver, cigarette smoke, newsprint and colored ads, hair dyes and rinses, rubber toys, storage batteries, pewter ware, pesticides, cosmetics, dolomite, soft coal, pottery,
fatigue, skin rashes, cancer, gingivitis, stomatitis, psoriasis , headaches, heart conditions, dizziness, respiratory illness, contact dermatitis .affects DNA replication ,transcription. Targets skin, point of exposure, lungs
source: jewelry, nickel-cadmium batteries, industrial exposure, hydrogenated oils, cosmetics, cooking utensils [added to some stainless steel], ceramic workers, cigarette smoke, some refined foods, fertilizers, cold wave permanents, welding.
fatigue, numbness, insomnia, tingling, tremors, loosing of the teeth, weight loss, vomiting, blood changes, swallowing difficulties, mental depression, headache, hallucinations, fever, chills, nephritis, blue line on gums, muscular weakness, asthma, multiple sclerosis, depressed immune system, impaired vision & hearing, irrational behavior, allergic conditions, memory problems, anorexia, loss of sense of pain, irritability, gastrointestinal disorders, affects transport of sugar[inhibition of] Targets the brain, nervous system, cell membranes, kidneys.
source: paints , thermometers, hair dyes, salt water fish caught in contaminated waters, amalgams in dentistry, delivery of petroleum products, fungicides, electrical apparatus, batteries, fluorescent lamps, cosmetics, explosives, mercurial diuretics, solvents, drugs, some plastics, fabric softeners, inks used by some tattooers, some hemorrhoid suppositories, wood preservatives , some laxatives that contain calomel
osteoporosis[ poor bone density], headaches, colic, rickets, Alzheimer's disease, hyperactivity in children, ringing in the ears, ataxia[abnormal walking pattern] poor memory, gastrointestinal disorders, convulsions, osteomalacia, learning disabilities, cognitive problems. Targets stomach, brain, bones.
sources: food additives, baking powders, antacids, salt, aluminum cooking utensils, many over the counter drugs and douches, aluminum foil, contaminated water, soft water, antiperspirants, cans, refined foods, most commercial baking powders.
A hair analysis [to test for heavy metals and other elements] may be beneficial for people with the following symptoms:
ADD & ADHD anorexia, anxiety, asthma, brittle hair, bruise easily, cancer, depression, bronchitis, constipation, dermatitis, difficulty breathing, hypertension, joint pain, infertility, impotence, lethargy, loss of appetite, PMS, high blood glucose, metallic taste, headache, depression, arteriosclerosis, memory loss/poor, low sex drive, edema, learning disorders, rashes, loss of smell, loss of taste, fainting, fatigue, MS, varicose veins, poor absorption of vitamin & minerals, liver- kidney -nervous system- brain disorders


We offer 28 element hair analysis several page report phone consultation recommendations
 61 element hair analysis several page report
phone consultation recommendations
27 element Urine Profile several page report
phone consultation recommendations
29 element Saliva profile
phone consultation recommendations
28 element animal hair/ fur analysis several page report
61 element animal hair/ fur analysis several page report
both include:graphic format allows immediate identification of high and low levels, contain result interpretation and nutritional recommendations.
We use the top international clinical laboratory since 1984 testing biological samples for trace toxic and non-toxic metals. Their testing includes environmental, food analysis, mineral analysis, and animal hair/ fur [yes! we will do any animal hair/fur]
animal friends-Animals are a very important part of our lives. You would be surprised how close their bodily functions are to humans, and how much they truly enhance our lives. We have and will continue to update with special features just for our truly loved friends. Be sure to connect to the link above for elements essential for animal health and a hair/ fur analysis.