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Areas of health to examine
Areas of health to examine


Health in living


The Detox Doctor Inc.


Other areas of your health to consider
* Dental -do you have any gum infections, tooth decay or mercury fillings that may be affecting your health
* Chemical -drugs, food chemicals, additives, colors, micro waves, radiation, smoke, pesticide residue
* Chiropractic- do you suffer jaw, neck, back or pelvic pain, etc. This could be affecting other areas of your health
* Emotional - constant emotional stress, or emotional problems are a major cause of many health issues
* Environmental -the effects of land-air-water pollution, all chemicals, housing hazards, power lines, parasites, pests, all need to be addressed
All of these are seriously addressed by naturopathic medicine.
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The Detox Doctor Inc.

Dr. Tammy’s

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ConcentRating On a New Image

~Twisting the hands of time~ Anti-aging using mind, body soul, Natural supplements & ~quite a few tricks~


Has it all gone wrong somewhere?


Are you starting a new chapter in your life, but aren’t sure how to catapult further & beyond & make them eat your dust?


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I can show you how Not to bow down graciously with Age, but to be the very best one can be.


I‘ll Show You the Ropes.

Let‘s Re-Gain Your Strength Stand Strong & Full of Life


Sometimes we need to be shown the forest thru the trees. That’s okay… as long as we searched & got it right … in the long-run.

~~~ Dr Tammy



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