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Contact Us

Dr. Tammy’s

~Total Life Re-Vamp~

~ For Women ~


Emotional Body healing

Re-Start Life-Skills

ConcentRating On a New Image

~Twisting the hands of time~ Anti-aging using mind, body soul, Natural supplements & ~quite a few tricks~


Has it all gone wrong somewhere?


Are you starting a new chapter in your life, but aren’t sure how to catapult further & beyond & make them eat your dust?


Perhaps you spent your life as a Not.. AND, Now Are Ready to Go Hot!

I can show you how Not to bow down graciously with Age, but to be the very best one can be.


I‘ll Show You the Ropes.

Let‘s Re-Gain Your Strength Stand Strong & Full of Life


Sometimes we need to be shown the forest thru the trees. That’s okay… as long as we searched & got it right … in the long-run.

~~~ Dr Tammy



                                                         The Detox Doctor Inc



Medal of Distinction

by Congressional Committee

2005 National Leadership Award


“Business Woman of the Year 2006”

by Congressional Committee




                                                                                                                      Dr Tammy K Brazil ND, CTN, DN, MDH, PhD


Home-based Office

By Appointment Only



Canyon Country, CA.


You Had Best Do It “Real” or Just Leave It All Alone.

It’ll bite you in the butt later, if you don’t take care of it now… guaranteed.

                                                                                                                                    ~ Dr. Tammy




~ Accurate 5 drug testing kit~ test your Teen, etc., at home 7 minutes

~ stop addictions before they start~ parents test when highly suspicious activity of your teen- OR TEST YOURSELF to TEST CLEAN























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The Detox Doctor Inc.
Dr. Tammy K. Brazil
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