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About Us
Dr Tammy K Brazil


The Detox Doctor Inc.
---By Appointment Only---
Located In Beautiful Canyon Country
Office: 661-360-9175
Office Hours - Monday thru Friday - 9 a.m. to 5 p.m


We are a Healing, Teaching, Learning Facility dedicated to


Empowering People to Help Themselves


Dr. Tammy’s

~Total Life Re-Vamp~

~ For Women ~


Emotional Body healing

Re-Start Life-Skills

ConcentRating On a New Image

~Twisting the hands of time~ Anti-aging using mind, body soul, Natural supplements & ~quite a few tricks~


Has it all gone wrong somewhere?


Are you starting a new chapter in your life, but aren’t sure how to catapult further & beyond & make them eat your dust?


Perhaps you spent your life as a Not.. AND, Now Are Ready to Go Hot!

I can show you how Not to bow down graciously with Age, but to be the very best one can be.


I‘ll Show You the Ropes.

Let‘s Re-Gain Your Strength Stand Strong & Full of Life


Sometimes we need to be shown the forest thru the trees. That’s okay… as long as we searched & got it right … in the long-run.

~~~ Dr Tammy


Heavy Metal Toxicity
TESTS Available by mail
Hair ~ nail, Saliva, Urine, Water,
Radiological, Animal hair/fur
made exclusively for you, scientifically evaluated, eliminates guesswork-hassle


Consultations by phone
Recommendations by phone
Advice Teaching Education Isopathic Therapy, Homotoxicology, Nutrition, Enzyme Therapy Natural Medicine ,Nutritional Supplements~ Holistic Ideals


Balancing mind~ body~ soul


Educational Darkfield Microscopy~ live blood analysis[sorry location only]


Nutritional Guidance / Advice / Microscopic Evaluation
Detoxification , Wellness, Guided Fasting & Cleansing Programs
Biological Terrain Assessment


Biological Medicine ~ Biological Strategies
Telephone & E-mail consultations for advice on wellness planning


TESTS- available by mail-
containers, complete instructions, recommendations and consultations included:
-Accurate Five Drug Testing Kit-
Test your Teen, etc. at Home in only Seven Minutes
-stop addictions before they start-
-Parents... test when there is suspicious activity of your teen-
-Or Test Yourself To Test Clean-
61 Element hair~ nail analysis,
28 Element hair ~ nail analysis
- several page- detailed reports extremely accurate-available 8 languages

Animal Hair Analysis- 61 element 28 element

-for dietary deficiency, illness & disorders, toxic contaminates

Saliva profile-29 element for amalgam [mercury] removal consideration

Urine profile 27 element- first morning testing


- Radon, Radium, Uranium, Gross alpha and beta

Water Analysis

- Fecal Coliform , E coli, Waste Water Bacteria testing


Hello!..I am Dr Tammy K Brazil.

Please know that all opinions are based on personal research, educational background, continuing education, educational studies, international research studies, compiled and culiminative studies, published and un-published research, hands on knowledge and an extensive library.
Researcher~ Naturopathic DR. Tammy K. Brazil ND, CTN, DN, MDH, PhD
A.N.M.A. Board Certified Naturopath~ Nevada
Certified Board Naturopathic Medical Examiners Washington DC

International Society of Homotoxicology

We do not diagnose, give medical advice or make claim to cure on the internet